What We Do

The most insightful part of the process is the initial site inspection and client meeting where we run through all aspects of the project as well as material options and design. This may be fixing, finishing and junction details or more cost effective material options you may not be aware of with suitable warranty and certification. We welcome all members of your project team and other trades so that we can come up with the best design to suit your budget. We’ll also discuss your project programme and access solutions to suit your building and its occupants.

A detailed site measure specific to your building will be carried out ready for the shop drawings to be produced. We will be focusing on details such as location of joins to ensure they align with architectural features, service cutouts such as fire sprinklers and lights as well as material junctions that transition with other trades.

Shop drawings will be produced in house for your approval and consultation with the project team prior to material ordering. We ensure the most efficient panel on sheet layout for cost efficiency and minimal material wastage. At this stage we also provide suitably engineered fixing and junction details.

Produced locally, our panels are cut to size on a CNC machine, folded, reinforced, uniquely labelled and packaged by our fabricators, then transported to site and carefully unloaded by our install team. Depending on availability of the selected panel colour and the size of the project this fabrication process can be completed in less than 24 hours.

By far the most exciting part of the project is seeing the panels go on and plastic be peeled to reveal the new design. Our specialised installation team can work independently or under the management of a head contractor and are fully licensed for all types of access equipment to suit the most narrow, high and hard to reach facades. We also offer night installation for projects with a unique or limited installation window (such as road closures or buildings subject to noise restrictions).

For facade systems requiring caulking we can provide quality sealing for all joints, gaps and cracks for pest, weather and fire proofing in a range of colours and caulking products.

Upon completion we provide all necessary material safety data sheets, care and maintenance manuals, engineering and certification.

Projects large & small

We’ve worked with the majority of Australia’s largest builders including Hutchinson’s, James Holland, Lendlease and Mirvac on a vast array of projects. Working alongside other trade scopes we understand head contractor requirements such as SWMS and lingering stresses including liquidated damages. Our team is large enough so that we can be on site as and when required to suit rapidly changing programmes but with a single point of contact.

Often to replace old or non-compliant combustible material a reclad can either be a cost effective exercise or a can of worms uncovering sub standard framework and fixings causing budget blowouts and delays. This is where our experience sets us apart from our competitors, drawing upon our past project knowledge we can recommend solutions specific to your scenario.

Large or small, we can repair existing cladding due to factors such as exposure to weather, contact with vehicles or outdated, old material.

Our reputation and network in the industry has meant we have become a trusted provider of knowledge to not only end users but other builders and installers requiring assistance. We can offer consulting advice on all things cladding related or offer our team for hands-on support. Even in the midst of installation, It’s never too late to get in touch.


High end Residential

We work with designers and architects to come up with customised features, large or small.

High rise apartments and office towers

We rapid fabricate and install large scale new builds or reclads to replace combustible cladding whilst working with building owners and strata committees to safely and effectively manage building occupants.


Where noise limitations and privacy mean difficult working hours and access we come up with a solution to minimise impact on staff and patients

Shopping centres and industrial estates

We ensure safe pedestrian management during peak times or offer after hours works so stakeholders can carry on running their businesses without disruption or unsightly work

Shopping centres & industrial estates

We’ve clad motorway tunnels and provided customised solutions for awnings, sunhoods, louvres, entry portals and signage – the options are endless with aluminium. 

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